There are so many initiatives, all doing amazing things to support Ukraine in her time of great need. We have connected with these 4 who are delivering efficiently and effectively to the frontline, be it with medicines, homes, education, food or defence to name a few. If you are looking for additional ways to support, you may find them interesting.


You can support through below links

UK, Collecting and delivering essentials to Ukraine

Businesses in London and the UK sending relief in to Ukraine.

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USA, Real help for Ukraine

Your money goes directly to Ukrainian relief aid. No overhead. No bureaucracy. Just a straight path to suffering people in harm's way.

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Europe/Poland, right next door and carrying much of the weight. Lots of straightforward options

EO Poland Ukraine Fund. Ukraine is under an enormous threat and facing a huge crisis in front of our eyes.

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Polish/Ukraine border, feeding and supporting hungry, cold and desperate refugees 24/7

Donations for: Ingredients and supplies to stock our pizza oven and soup kitchen feeding thousands every day. Snacks, hygiene products, animal food and other essentials for refugees crossing the border.

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