Promotional Poster Illustrated For The Drip

The Drip

Medium: Photoshop, Pen
Client: Spencer Scott Anderson

A wild, playful promotional concept & teaser poster Fionna Fernandes illustrated for a television show project called 'The Drip', which is currently at a development stage in the United States. The poster was created for pitching purposes to help sell the director's creative vision to executives. The show is based on a popular hairstyle in the 80s (the West Coast Curl) and is vibrant, cool and fresh.

About Fionna
Social Reach Instagram: 21K Fionna Fernandes is a Sydney-based illustrator who enjoys drawing a variety of subject matter: portraits, stickers, landscapes, lifestyle and animals for clients in fashion, editorial, advertising and more. Everything she creates has a touch of fun to it as she selects key details to highlight in a rainbow of colour, adding in patterns as a flourish that give her work its highly individual visual language.
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Fionna's latest news
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