Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Children's Books and Storytelling

Ben Tallon meets with Kerry Hyndman to talk about her career and shortlisted work for Faber & Faber.

Written by Ben Tallon

Kerry Hyndman has brought to life David Long's Survivors: Extraordinary tales from the wild and beyond with her stunning full colour illustrations for Faber & Faber.  The book has unsurprisingly been shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2017 prize and I catch up with Kerry to talk about the experience of bringing to life such an original children's book with often graphic tales of human endurance. With a narrative so powerful and evocative that the imagination of young people will likely be consumed by larger than life stories, how did Kerry tackle such a creative brief with her predominantly digital style of image making? Kerry shares an encouraging tale of arriving in the world of illustration via a fine art degree, working with publishers Faber & Faber and discusses her map illustration work. Join us in quite possibly the first podcast to be recorded in the turret of a library building...

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