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Alex Baker Live Event Drawing

Alex Baker Live Event Drawing - Live illustration for medical and scientific events

Alex Baker’s live event painting gets people talking. Whether she’s painting the musculature on a model at an athletics meet or creating a mural in real time for a new recycling centre, people watching will start asking questions, sharing stories and connecting with one another, even if they’re complete strangers. They turn from visitors into participants, which is exactly what event organisers want.
Canvas, drywall, plywood and even human skin, Alex is a versatile live artist and is very approachable on the job. As well as engaging audiences, her artworks create a spectacle and raise awareness of a whole range of scientific, environmental and medical issues. With her medical background, Alex is able to engage with viewers on multiple levels. She’s based in North Carolina.


Preparation is important for the kind of live painting that Alex performs, and she’ll plan ahead with a site visit, sketches and colour mock-ups beforehand. This helps ensure she’s able to complete the images within the event’s timeframe. If she’s painting on models she’ll review the anatomy she needs to paint and plan a vibrant palette.


By their very nature, Alex’s scientific and medical illustrations are highly detailed, but when she paints live her style is more colourful and expressive. She always strives for accuracy but does so in a way that focuses on engaging and entertaining her audience.

Lista de clientes

Alex’s live drawing clients include the National Library of Medicine, Mission Hospital Cancer Center in Asheville, Kick It Events, Gloryhound Events, Ashville Science Museum and Burners & BBQ.
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