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With the unique ability to turn paper cut collages into enormous wall murals, Josephine ‘Hixxy’ Hicks is a UK artist whose artworks literally inspire awe and wonder. They’re larger than life, colorful and dynamic, dialing in a retro vibe with a contemporary sensibility.
From 19th century botanical illustration to David Hockney, and from Photochrom photography to Henri Rousseau’s jungle paintings, Hixxy draws on a variety of nature-inspired influences to bring her lusciously leafy and floral imagery to life. Her beautiful murals often bring a calming influence to their locations, and her style is equally effective in print and on screen. With a first class degree in Fine Art from John Moores University in Liverpool, today Josephine is situated in London.


Many of Hixxy’s works combine carefully selected archive photography with bright, hand painted elements to perfectly match the tone of the brief. Elements are expertly layered together in Photoshop as the piece progresses to become a digital illustration, screenprint or full-blown wall mural project.


Full of nature’s wonder, Hixxy’s dynamic, hand-painted murals land somewhere between left-field tutti frutti and pop botanical. Meanwhile, her smaller scale works will intrigue you with a captivatingly surreal atmosphere.

Client list

Hixxy works for leading brands such as Volkswagen, American Express, Hewlett Packard, YouTube, Ask Italian and Pergola.
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