HIGHLIGHTS of episode 229 with BBC football commentator Alistair Bruce-Ball

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HIGHLIGHTS of episode 229 with BBC football commentator Alistair Bruce-Ball

This week's episode HIGHLIGHTS for those who can't spare the time for the long-form FULL episode. Enjoy!

Radio remains a timeless and unique medium in the age of abundant TV and film streaming services. There's an intimacy and a human quality that has seen it endure despite countless technological advances, and it invites the imagination of the listeners in a way no TV broadcast ever could.

Football commentary represents arguably the most passionate form of commentary, but what of the creativity of the people whose trained voices take us as close to the action as possible without stepping foot in stadiums? How does it work, how do we get into such a career, and what makes for a great sports broadcaster?

BBC Radio 5's Alistair Bruce-Ball is best known for his football commentary and work as the host of the Fantasy 606 podcast. He joins me to discuss why radio is enduringly popular among football fans. What is its place in the 21st century? We also talk golf commentary, Alistair's career path, opportunities in the modern broadcasting industry, personality's role in success, and unlikely highlights covering more obscure sports.

Sponsored as ever by https://illustrationx.com who have a superb new quarterly illustration trends report here: https://www.illustrationx.com/uk/news/5992/trendx_-_april_2024

and the Ukrainian Institute https://ui.org.ua

Alistair will be covering Euro 2024 on the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_five_live

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