Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Setting up a Studio

Ben Tallon meets with Dan Spain of Rabble to discuss the challenges and opportunities of opening a studio space.

Written by Ben Tallon

Ever considered setting up your own creative studio space? 

Rabble Studios launched earlier in 2016. At a time when property developers are gobbling up creative spaces for fun, I meet with founder and designer Dan Spain. Rabble houses 24 creative professionals and also functions as a creative events, talks, hub and function space in Cardiff and I wanted to find out just how Dan went about not only finding a place to work to stave off the cabin fever, but took it one step further to self-finance and open a much bigger co-working set up.

What challenges has he faced and how has he linked up with other independent businesses in the area? It's a brilliant and impressive piece of enterprising and a valuable insight into what we need to do to turn the tide against the property virus in order to safeguard a creative business presence in our towns and cities.

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