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Daniel O'Leary

Daniel O'Leary's Photo - Portrait & Caricature illustrator. USA

Daniel O’Leary lets his sense of humor loose in satirical illustrations that not only make people laugh but usually have a deeper message to them. From outrageous caricatures to hyper-realistic Photoshop illustrations and sketch-like artistic works, his versatility brings him top clients from a wide range of fields, and he’s built long-standing relationships with many of them.
He believes his desire to poke fun at things comes from growing up in a large family, where sometimes you need a little good-natured teasing to get by. Whether the topic is news, pop culture, history or something else, that ability to find the humor and draw on personal experience sets Danny apart. Based in New Jersey, he has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Paier College of Art in Connecticut.


Today, Danny works entirely digitally. He still paints and draws for some of his fine art projects – his landscapes are oil and acrylic, for instance – but his illustrations are nearly always done using the paint and drawing tools in Photoshop.


During his career, Danny has explored many styles and continues to do so. Clients appreciate the variety within his portfolio – there are ultra-realistic photo-illustrations, while other work is practically scribbles. Even with all his experience, he keeps on mixing it up and expanding his boundaries.

Client list

Danny’s clients include Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Dorchester Publishing, St Martin's Press, Harlequin Enterprises, Hachette Book Group, Scholastic and Niche Media.
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The Personal Airbag
Daniel O'Leary develops the artworks for a wearable medical device designed to reduce injuries from falls.
Daniel O'Leary illustrates for Waitrose Magazine on some 'how-to' illustrations.
A Retro Lifestyle
Daniel O'Leary is asked to create two lifestyle images reminiscent of the 1960s.
Mission to Mars
Emirates Airline's inflight magazine features a cover illustration by Daniel O'Leary.
Renaissance Crossfire
AdWeek Magazine in NYC ask Daniel O'Leary for an epic Renaissance painting with a modern theme.
The Renegade Cabaret
Daniel O'Leary creates a theatrical program cover for a Friends of the Highline performance.
Surviving Thanksgiving
Daniel O'Leary creates an editorial illustration on the realities of America's Thanksgiving holiday.
Swimwear Etiquette
O'Leary is Air Bound