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From animal snowball fights to skateboarding burgers and on to crazy soccer mascots, Danvillage animations light up social and online campaigns, popping out of screens around the world. With vast experience and the creative knowhow to take their clients’ ideas to the next level, Danvillage bring art and motion together so that brands stand out from the rest.
Based in California, Danvillage is a collaboration between illustrator Daniel Sulzberg and animator Casey Ouye. But their skillsets criss-cross in so many ways. Daniel mainly draws but was creative director at Red Bull Cartoon. Casey’s talent is animation informed by his design background. Together, their creativity is unstoppable while their positive professional approach makes them a dream to work with. Salvador Dali, SpongeBob, Miyazaki, the X-men – Daniel and Casey have an eclectic range of influences but always produce something unique and exciting for their clients.


Usually, Dan sketches, inks and colors in Procreate, moving to Photoshop for the finishing touches on the imagery, which goes to Casey in layers that are brought to life using After Effects, preserving and augmenting the whimsical nature of Daniel’s drawings in a fun and punchy format.


Bursting with color, humor and a laid-back, playful attitude, Danvillage animations feature wild characters that energize their clients’ campaigns. Deft little touches of detail not only add to the humor but support the narrative.

Client list

Danvillage’s clients include FIFA World Cup, Evite, Los Angeles Galaxy and Major League Soccer.
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