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Decue Wu

Decue Wu's Photo - International Fashion & Lifestyle Illustrator, Boston, USA

Decue Wu has clients in editorial, fashion and publishing who all love her illustration work for its bold style, bright colors, optimistic vibe and the intriguing way she combines patterns and textures. She gives every project a classic illustration feel, with the hand of the artist always present.
Based in Boston, Decue is originally from China and works for clients all round the world. Fashion is one of her biggest inspirations and her favorite designers include Yves St Laurent, Helmut Lang, Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen and Rei Kawakubo. “To me, their designs are fine art and bring fashion to a whole new level in the history of art,” she says. She has an MFA in Illustration Practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and previously studied Digital Media Art at Zhejiang University in China.


Most of Decue’s work is done using Photoshop and Illustrator, but she also combines hand-made textures, screenprinting and collage work to give her illustrations something extra.


Decue’s fashion images often feature long, thin figures in a freehand style and vibrant colors. Her lifestyle illustrations usually have a more restrained palette, geometric shapes and patterns, and interesting brush and paper textures. She also creates graphic art and infographics, going for a cleaner look, using simple vector shapes and geometric forms.


2014 Hiii Illustration Merit 2014 Taipei Art Competition Winner

Client list

Some of Decue’s clients include Vogue, Airbnb, Esquire, MIT, Modern Weekly China, Obscura Magazine, The Bump, Draw A Dot and Hopes and Fears.
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Our next artist to be interviewed in our Scrapbook series is LA-based illustrator Decue Wu.
Fashion Street
Decue Wu creates a window installation artwork for Shenzhen's new shopping mall.
Decue Wu Collaborates with Fossil Brand
Decue Wu creates unique illustration for Fossil's Chinese Valentine's Day Promo
Editorial illustrations for NYT Travel China August Issue
Decue Wu creates editorial illustrations for NYT Travel China August Issue
Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
Decue Wu illustrates the cover for a new audio book by Maeve Higgins.
Gun Policy
Decue Wu makes a concept illustration on gun policy for Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin.
The Future of Food
Decue Wu creates two posters for the Chipotle Aluminaries Project on positive changes in the food industry.
A Better Education
Wheaton College Magazine commission Decue Wu for an editorial illustration on education.
Oppo's Selfie
Decue Wu works on a campaign for Oppo's new phone series.
More than Just Perfume
Elle Décor China commission Decue Wu to fill their perfume column with glorious illustrations.
Bear Market
Visualising a 'Bear Market', Decue Wu draws for The New York Times.
Travel in Style
Decue Wu joins Elle China & Louis Vuitton to create a series of illustrations
This Season's Films
Decue Wu illustrates for the Soho House/Ned Magazine
A Fusion of East and West
Decue Wu's fashion illustrations form part of an exhibition which celebrates New China Chic.
Lohas Magazine Dali Travel Maps
Decue Wu's Illustrated Maps for Chinese Lifestyle Magazine Lohas
Tips for Living Longer
Decue Wu shows us how to live longer in this illustrated health feature
Renewable Energy and Giant Dogs
Decue Wu's art is used twice in last weekend's New York Times Sunday Review.
Fiercely Female 2019
Decue Wu is invited to illustrate Fatima al-Fihri for the 2019 Fiercely Female Calendar.
Decue Wu teamed up with Airbnb to takes us on a trip back in time with this retro inspired illustration.
Summer Sun
As Summer approaches, Decue Wu illustrates for a Banana Boat Sunscreen ad for Real Simple.
HONA Organic
China's Organic sauce brand has a taste of Decue Wu's creativity with these seasonal illustrations.
Spring Break
The March issue of Brio magazine includes a cosy illustration by Decue Wu
The Great Wall Run
Decue Wu works for Vogue China on a piece celebrating The Great Wall Run Festival.
100 Days of Silence
Decue Wu creates a web banner for Working Not Working's online magazine.
Fitness Goals
Decue Wu works for Prevention Magazine on health and fitness goals.
Spa Season
Decue Wu illustrates for Vogue China.
Decue Wu makes a series of portrait illustrations for Chinese independent magazine Seed.
Best Positions
Decue Wu illustrates for baby website The Bump.
Young's Sign Project
Visitors to The Bell pub in Surrey, UK can now see a Decue Wu sign hanging in the breeze.
The Ketogenic Diet
Vogue China introduce the Ketogenic Diet in a feature illustrated by Decue Wu.
Beauty Diary
Decue Wu's latest illustration for Vogue China is for their Beauty Diary section.
These vibrant portraits are by Decue Wu for Refinery29's Instagram feed.
The Beauty of Exercise
Decue Wu illustrates a well-being illustration for La Belle Magazine.
Vogue Me Anniversary
Decue Wu collaborates with Vogue China's young magazine Vogue Me on a one year anniversary showroom at Sanlitun, Beijing.
Growing Up in Vogue Russia
Decue Wu illustrates for the April issue of Vogue Russia.
We interview the wonderful Decue Wu about her career and inspirations.
Airport Duty Free
February's Vogue China features beauty and lifestyle illustrations by Decue Wu.
Can Donald hire Ivanka?
Decue Wu illustrates for the New York Times opinion page.
Desert Island Make-Up
Decue Wu's seascape art is used for a beauty products feature in Vogue Me.
Bonjour Tristesse
Decue Wu creates a stunning book cover for People's Literature Publishing House.
Perfume Journey
Decue Wu takes us on a perfume journey for the December issue of Vogue China.
Travelling with Audi
These striking icons are for an Audi & Vogue China Collaboration illustrated by Decue Wu.
Muscles in a Month
Vogue China commission Decue Wu for a contemporary illustration on fitness.
Vogue Me Horoscopes
Decue Wu works with Vogue China on some stunning Zodiac images.
My First Home
Appearing in The Boston Globe, Decue Wu illustrates an article on first homes.
Seeking Protection
The New York Times commission Decue Wu for a bold conceptual illustration.
How Far Are We From Space Travel?
Decue Wu draws a series of space themed infographics for Wissen Magazine.
New Talent Profile - Decue Wu
We welcome Boston based fashion & lifestyle illustrator Decue Wu!
Horoscope Designs
Decue Wu completes a zodiac commission for Vogue China.