Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Graduation

Ben Tallon makes a graduation special - talking to a variety of students and lecturers on their fears, hopes and dreams!

Written by Ben Tallon

I could point you to a whole range of post-graduation stories. Personally, I found the cut off from seven years in education very tough and in particular, the first six months were a huge struggle. I felt demotivated, directionless and couldn't see who a BA (Hons) degree in illustration would set me up for the real world. After hiring a tired old garage with several guys in the same boat, it all changed, but it would be two years before I became a full time, freelance illustrator.

Every experience is different, with some flourishing right off the bat, going straight into jobs and thriving, but I wanted to show just how different it is for every person. Chatting to a wide range of graduates, people one year on from graduating, lecturers and people in industry, this is the graduation special, giving you insights into what people are going through and the tech savvy new breed that we in industry need to keep an eye out for. 

A huge thank you to all who took the time to chat to me for this episode, despite the pressures of end of year shows, deadlines and facing up to the real world incoming!





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