Arrest All Mimics Podcast by Ben Tallon

Arrest All Mimics Podcast - The Modern Portfolio

Ben Tallon meets with Nick Chubb to discuss multi-platform self-promotion.

Written by Ben Tallon

The image that still tends to spring to mind when you think of what a portfolio is, most probably is a leather-bound one, with a handle. Whilst these still see the inside of the offices of many art-directors, editors and commissioners, what should a portfolio be today? 

Industrial designer Nick Chubb recently gave a talk with Artsthread at the V&A discussing marketing yourself on zero budget and Nick raised some great points about self-promotion and portfolios. Coming from backgrounds of illustration and product design, we discuss the modern portfolio, your brand and how you have to be your brand to succeed in the modern era.

How many images? How big? Do I go print or digital? There are many questions that run through the mind of someone tasked with finding work for themselves, be it in employment or as a freelancer and we break it all down on episode 49 of Arrest All Mimics.

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