Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Photographing Arsenal Football Club.

Ben Tallon talks to self-taught football photographer Pricey.

Written by Ben Tallon

Pricey has been working as a photographer at Arsenal Football Club since 2002. He works in many areas of the club, for both the women and men’s teams and on the media side of the game. Self-taught, he worked his way up the ranks, beginning with a trainee role at Colorsport. For a man who admits he never really harbored any serious creative aspirations, his portfolio of football photography is second to none and loved by Arsenal and football fans globally. We discuss the lessons he’s learned along the way, the magic of the moment, the crucial balance of instinct and technical ability and why former goalkeeper Jens Lehman now refuses to play in goals! Let us know if you’re self-taught and favourite sporting photograph @arrestallmimics on Twitter.


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