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Gordei - Award winning animator specialised in 3D and character design animations.

Andrey Gordeev – AKA Gordei - is a Russian illustrator with a portfolio full of award-winning illustrations. Known for his charming characters and lighthearted humour, he’s brought extra sparkle to campaigns for Coca-Cola, Colgate, Whiskas and many other global brands. Gordei grew up in small city of Khabarovska, on Russia’s border with China, but has travelled far and wide. For now, he’s settled in Bali. ‘Saya suka’ is the Indonesian phrase for ‘I like it’ he explains, and on top of the tropical climate he enjoys the local culture. When he’s not working on new client briefs, he loves teaching yoga. Loving the work he does, a passion for art, and the diligence to learn new techniques are what drives him. And these are qualities that shine through in his work as well. In 2015 Gordei turned his personal project Little Green Riding Hood into an app, and it won the award for Best iPad App in his native Russia.


After studying architecture at university, Gordei worked as a graphic designer and honed his illustration skills in the evenings, developing his trademark style and picking up clients along the way.


The first step in Gordei’s approach is to figure out the best way of conveying the message, so he thinks about composition, colour combinations, the overall mood, and the type of humour he wants to inject it with. Then he draws pencil sketches to work out the lines and forms. Although his images have a digital finish, for him drawing is a quick process with a deeper feeling to it. The sketches are scanned in, and the images are completed in Photoshop.


Though his images are often described as cartoony and funny, Gordei likes to push the boundaries whenever he can. His wonderful character work has produced an array of heroes, but now and again he relishes the opportunity to introduce some darker and more intriguing figures.


Best App for iPad 2015 in Russia Dubai Lynx 2014 - Gran Prix in Print and Posters CLIO Awards 2012 – Bronze in Illustration Cannes Lions 2011 - Bronze in Illustration CLIO Awards 2011- Bronze in Illustration ADC Germany 2011 - Certificate in Illustration CLIO Awards 2011- Bronze in Illustration El Ojo de Iberoamerica 2011 – two Golds and one Bronze

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Newsweek Coca-Cola Twix Colgate Whiskas KitKat GQ Alka Seltzer Y&R DDB TBWA Ogilvy Zapping M&C Saatchi Saatch & Saatchi LOWE DRAFTFCB BBDO
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