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Ian Naylor

Ian Naylor - UK based animator

British illustrator Ian Naylor makes the impossible possible using his expert 3D rendering skills. From futuristic vehicles to incredible 3D lettering, and from cutaways of oil rigs to children’s toys that come to life, his technical skills and eye for detail mean he can visualize just about anything for his clients, and animate it too.
Based in the Lake District, Ian’s career began in technical illustration and he continues to have a passion for structure and mechanics, and loves figuring out how things work. The angles, the perspectives, the intricate details of things are all fascinating to him, which informs his illustration and animation styles. Ian studied Technical Illustration at Blackpool Art College in the early 1980s.


After discussing the project with his client, Ian sketches out a composition using pens and pencils, and then creates the scene in 3D using Cinema 4D.


Realism, accuracy and technical competence are all hallmarks of Ian’s work, but with the modelling, texturing and rendering tools available in his 3D software, he can create a style to suit any brief.

Client list

Ian’s clients include The Economist, Oxford University Press, Davie Shipbuilding, Pentair, MEED magazine, Which? Money, Dorling Kindersley and Terra Mater Magazine.
Animation of steamship shieldhall by  Ian Naylor
Ian Naylor
An animation of the Santa Maria structure cut-away
Ian Naylor
Hero 3d animation
Ian Naylor
Radio animation | Technical style gallery
Ian Naylor
Engine animation| Technical style gallery
Ian Naylor
Pinball game animation by Ian Naylor
Ian Naylor
Riser clamp animation by Ian Naylor
Ian Naylor
High 5 Animation logo
Ian Naylor
Box wrapping animation by Ian Nayor
Ian Naylor
An animation of aerial view of a shipyard
Ian Naylor
An animation of Jet interior
Ian Naylor
An animation of a van hitting orbit
Ian Naylor
Display stand animation by Ian Naylor
Ian Naylor
Water simulation animation by Ian Naylor
Ian Naylor
One Novelis text animation
Ian Naylor
Spinning web sputnik logo animation
Ian Naylor
Smelting Process 3d animation
Ian Naylor
Simply incredible talent, Ian goes way above and beyond to please. Clearly, for Ian, this is a passion and not just a job, which is reflected in his work. His ability to understand and convert complex technical situations into clean, simple visuals has allowed our clients to understand our products and facilities in a snapshot; in a style which epitomizes clean corporate design. Ian goes above and beyond, building all graphic components of the illustration from scratch in order to retain the same style throughout. This meant that despite having only commissioned a panoramic view of our shipbuilding facility, we were also able to extract detailed 3D renderings and animations of the different types of ships under construction in the same style, providing us with an invaluable collection of graphics and animations for use in print, web and video. I can not recommend Ian highly enough – you will not be disappointed
Alex Vicefield, Davie Shipbuilding, Canada.
‘The best animation of triple expansion steam power I've ever seen!' Not me, the career educatator speaking, though it was a pleasure working on it with you. You had veteran marine engineers first speechless in admiration, then full of technical praise. That was after you had already delivered, on time and in budget, an inspired animation of the ship's construction, based on an amazing rivet-perfect 3D model of Shieldhall, our classic 20th century steamship. As I said, a pleasure - to work with a magician determined to get it right!
Maurice Meredith, Steamship SHIELDHALL
Thank you, Ian! Absolutely incredible. These illustrations are fantastic. Very futuristic, indeed. Great working with you. '
Germaine Cap de Ville, Terra Mater Magazine
Thank you for your hard work on this!! You rock !!
Melissa Mazza, Direct Marketing News
Just to let you know this artwork has been approved - thanks, they love it! This was a tricky piece for us to get right, and everyone is delighted with how it’s turned out.
Sally Spray, Rufflebrothers for Oxford University Press
I cannot recommend Ian highly enough. Over the past 10 years he has supplied a wide range of 3D animations for use in our broadcast documentaries and corporate productions. He is always dependable and delivers without fail on deadlines, plus his creative eye is second to none
Martyn Hollingworth, Digitarium EU
The artwork Ian produced was spot on with great attention to detail. Fast, enthusiastic, easy to work with and very professional. Easy to commission and a pleasure to deal with.
Sam Williams, Which? Money
Just a quick note, Ian, to say that this Intelligence Corps illustration is absolutely phenomenal. Just so good! The client is delighted and we certainly are. Thanks for all your hard work on this, and we'll be in touch for the next assignment.
Daniel Anderson-Ford, Army Publications
Ian's work for Prog magazine has been of a consistantly high standard and his understanding of the briefs and ability to suggest and make improvements has really been an aid to making our wallets a real success.
Russell Fairbrother, Prog Magazine
I'd have no hesitation saying the 3d ship, Santa Maria, is beautiful, made with exceptional accuracy and you were a pleasure to work with throughout.
Daniel Mills, Dorling Kindersley
Ian has developed several conceptual designs for subsea environments and seascapes which have been used to great effect in both BMP’s web site together with being incorporated into brochures and exhibition material. We have found Ian’s work to be very innovative and creative which has provided BMP with a perfect platform to further develop its marketing of subsea cable protection products.
Steve Moon, BMP Europe Ltd
They are great Ian! All is good and thank you very much for your hard work and dedication to getting the job done. Hopefully we will have a need for your talents in the future.
Eanna Timoney, The Timoney Group
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