Branding Poster Design For Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo branding poster

Medium: Mixed media
Client: Hotel Indigo

A single poster showing the four areas of exploration within the neighborhoods of each Hotel Indigo location: musical interest; artistic expression; culinary adventure; design inspiration.

About Jennifer
Cities, land and cultures are strongly represented in the work of Brooklyn-based illustrator Jennifer Maravillas, and diversity definitely gives her imagery its richness. From abstract figures through to beautifully painted elements from nature, she defines the mood and takes the viewer on a unique journey with each project she tackles.
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Jennifer Maravillas completes beautiful art for Vanity Fair Metropolis in Italy.
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Jennifer Maravillas creates striking illustrations for this month's Harper's BAZAAR Japan.
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71 Square Miles
The Mapping Brooklyn exhibition opens today and features a super-sized artwork by Jennifer Maravillas.
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