Stylised lion with swirling plants, flowers and bee.

The Lion and The Bee

Medium: Digital

Stylised lion with swirling plants, flowers and bee. Uses pattern, and outlines. Done in retro, 60s, pop-art style.

About Laura
“I don’t do subtle,” says the London-based illustrator Laura Greenan. And it’s true – her work is nothing less than psychedelia for the digital age. It grabs the viewer’s attention and helps get her client’s message across in an exciting and imaginative way.
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Laura's latest news
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Laura Greenan elevates the humble avocado with her stylish illustrations for this fun book with celebrates all things avocado.
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Drone Stickers
Laura Greenan is commissioned by drone company Team Black Sheep for sticker artworks.
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Laura Greenan creates this glorious cover and a series of spot illustrations for The Poker Mind
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