Przekrój digital earth 2.0

Earth 2.0

Medium: digital
Client: Przekrój

illustration for Przekrój weekly for an article about future of Earth and the end of life on our planet.

About Pawel
One of Poland’s most recognised illustrators, Pawel Jonca has a slew of awards to his name and has worked for some of the most respected publications and agencies in his own country and around the world. There is a charming minimalism to his work, yet it’s filled with subtle texture, big graphical gestures and a surprising amount of emotion too.
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Pawel's latest news
Illustrator Profile - Pawel Jonca
Illustrator Profile - Pawel Jonca
With charming minimalism and subtle texture, Pawel Jonca is one of Poland's most recognised illustrators.
Illustrator Profile - Pawel Jonca
Illustration Awards
Illustration Awards
Pawel Jonca receives two awards
Illustration Awards
Financial Technology
Financial Technology
Pawel Jonca makes some distinct art for LeHigh University's Business magazine.
Financial Technology
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