Graphic illustration of 100 piece puzzle project


Medium: CG
Client: Re-marks

1000 piece puzzle illustration project

About Shanghee
For imaginary worlds literally popping with beautiful colours, charming characters and delightful little details, Shanghee Shin is the artist to turn to. Put these elements together and what you get is imagery that – like the artist herself – thrives on positive energy. Full of fun ideas, Shanghee is also a skilled animator adept at bringing projects to life for her clients.
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Shanghee's latest news
Hawaii in Pieces
Hawaii in Pieces
Barnes & Noble Bookstore release a tropical puzzle illustrated by Shanghee Shin.
Hawaii in Pieces
Shanghee Shin's SCRAPBOOK
Shanghee Shin's SCRAPBOOK
Shanghee talks of her artistic family influences and an art education in South Korea and California.
Shanghee Shin's SCRAPBOOK
Here Comes Summer
Here Comes Summer
An exhibition for Shanghee Shin!
Here Comes Summer
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