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IMOTIV - london based animator

IMOTIV is a UK-based animation studio that specialises in producing storyboards and developing effective animations for its clients. With decades of experience in visual storytelling, IMOTIV’s team works from the premise that a successful animation can only come about through a killer storyboard, putting their client’s core idea or message at the heart of the narrative.
The IMOTIV team includes expert illustrators alongside software professionals using the latest 2D and 3D animation tools. As well as perfecting the storyboard, IMOTIV can advise on and execute animatics and fully rendered 2D and 3D animations. Working with clients across entertainment and advertising, IMOTIV can contribute at any stage in the process, producing exciting and dynamic results every time.


From hand sketching to 3D modelling, lighting, rigging and rendering, IMOTIV’s artists have a comprehensive understanding of the CGI pipeline, approaching each project with a focus on what their client wants to achieve and doing so in the most entertaining way possible.


IMOTIV can generate storyboard imagery in any visual style, based on the content and tone of the animation that is being planned. From sketched out or atmospheric concept art through to 3D rendered or a comic book look, IMOTIV will bring an aesthetic that works best for the specific project.

Client list

Some of IMOTIV’s clients include Konami, Hasbro, Wrigley Company, Mountain Dew, Electronic Arts, Nike, British Telecom, Pepsi, FIVA and Virgin Music.
Imotiv animation action reel
Imotiv animation character reel
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