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VM Studio - United States based animator

Bringing tech to life through stunning, impactful 3D animation is the realm where VM Studio truly excels. The VM team has the talent and skill to take a brief and put it in motion with bounce and zip, bringing character to brands and products and revealing what’s great about them.
Based in California, and with team members in New York and Ukraine, VM was founded by Joel Van Zeventer, who has been making live action and animated commercials for over a decade. As well as 3D animation and motion graphics, VM Studio has expertise in compositing, visual effects, post-production, sound mixing and design. What inspires the VM team most is the convergence of art and technology, and it shows in their animations. Working with some of the biggest tech brands in the world, VM brings an artful edge to each client’s campaigns.


Focusing on the brief, the VM team will develop several looks and creative concepts, narrowing them down with the client to select the best route for the project. Then the production work will begin, applying the software, techniques and aesthetic most appropriate to the brief.


Creating 2D and 3D animation and visual effects, VM Studio works in a diverse range of styles. The unique mechanical understanding in the team means that product breakdowns are a particular specialism – they’re excellent at creating animations demonstrating what things do and how they work.


English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Client list

Xaomi, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and PowerA are just a handful of the leading brands VM Studio has worked with.
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