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Alexandra Ball

Alexandra Ball - Children's book illustration. UK

Based in Guildford, Surrey, Alexandra Ball is a children’s book illustrator whose constant goal is to create images that invite the viewer to step into new worlds with her. And she achieves this with ease using a soft, warm and contemporary style that sets the viewer at ease before intriguing them with the overall narrative.
Nature is a big influence on Alexandra and her work, with woodland and jungle creatures nestling alongside otters, fish and people – each drawn in her own unique style. She loves to walk through a mist-filled woodland, watch a field of corn blow in the wind or see a bumblebee collect pollen. Alongside children’s books, Alexandra works on projects for advertising clients and has over 10 years' experience in the industry. She has an Illustration degree from Falmouth College of Art.


Alexandra’s line work is one of the things that make her images unique, and she spends the early stages of a project working on fluid, hand-sketched compositions. These are scanned into the computer for colouring, and natural textures are added to give the overall feel of a collage.


Creating her work by hand, Alexandra’s images have an air of sensitivity to them. The animal characters in the worlds she creates have innocent and caring personalities, even when they’re being a bit cheeky – perfect for illustrated storybooks.

Client list

Alexandra’s clients include Walker’s Crisps, Berger Finest Confectionery, Candis Magazine, National Geographic, Girl Guides, Top That Publishing, Harper Collins and more.
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