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Georgie Stewart

Georgie Stewart - United Kingdom based illustrator

Georgie Stewart is a London-based illustrator who has developed her own visual language by combining a natural drawing style with explosive colour selection. She’s the queen of colour-driven textures and warm, vibrant, eye-popping landscapes that make viewers stop and look.
Her work is ideal across lifestyle and publishing briefs and is perfect for campaigns that want to say things slightly differently to the norm. Clients are drawn to her imaginative approach and the excitement and whimsy she puts into every image. Georgie’s creative inspiration comes from all around her, as well as great painters like Matisse, Bonnard and Hockney. With a recently purchased orange camper van, she hopes to go on the road, visiting new places and discovering new colour combinations in her travelling studio. She has an MA in Illustration from Camberwell School of Arts and an MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.


Location drawing is an important part of Georgie’s process – getting out and sensing the true atmosphere of what she’s creating. She chooses vibrant and unusual colour palettes. Typically, she draws, paints, adds digital elements then prints out and finishes by hand.


Joy, optimism, curiosity, a zest for life – these are the themes Georgie aims for in her work and they’re reflected through the energetic colour fusions she concocts.

Client list

Georgie’s clients include Annabel’s, COA GOA, Kibre Interiors, JIGGY and Everpress.
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