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Ing Lee

Ing Lee

Ing Lee - Brazil based illustrator

Working in a nostalgic aesthetic but depicting contemporary themes, Ing Lee is a Korean-Brazilian illustrator whose imagination and subtlety results in imagery of extraordinary depth.
Reminiscent of Risograph, mid-20th century printing techniques and pixel art, there’s an innocent and authentic zine or comic book vibe to Ing’s work. That’s not only because she loves deploying halftones, flat colours and uniform line weights – it’s also down to the skilful sequential storytelling achieved via her unique imagery. Clients flat-out love her curiosity and dedication to their projects. Nobody will get deeper into a topic or treat it with more sensitivity than Ing and every challenging brief leads to intriguing illustrations. Ing’s Korean and Brazilian cultural roots mingle in her aesthetic, which is also inspired by East Asian cinema, Japanese art and Korean book cover design. She has a BA in Fine Arts from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


In-depth research and reference finding drives Ing’s creative process. The execution is always digital but the look she creates has the feel of a bygone age.


The lo-fi style Ing has perfected forms a perfect home for her simple, comic-style drawings, vibrant colour juxtapositions, intercalating contrasts and robust line work.


English and Portuguese. Ing is hard of hearing and can meet via video call platforms that support live captioning such as Google Meet.

Client list

Her clients include Adyen, Nubank, PlayGround, Ten Atoms, Sesc, Abril, Rocco, Fosforo, Seguinte, Editora Edebê and many more.
Ing Lee

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