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Kathryn Rathke

Kathryn Rathke
Portrait Process 3: finishing up - vector highlights
last of the 3 portrait process videos, in which highlights are added
Portrait Process 2: converting to vector lines
2nd step of portrait of Philip Larkin: putting digital sketch into Illustrator, where lines are refined and turned into vector
Portrait Process 1: sketch stage
drawing poet Philip Larkin on a Cintiq pen tablet. This is the first of 3 stages
Animated Line: the Grape Trellis
Animation of a line drawing of a grape trellis, with occasional glimpses of the artist
Kathryn draws Kathryn
animation of the artist creating a continual one-line drawing self portrait
How to Draw Jenny Holzer
Kathryn draws a portrait of artist Jenny Holzer on her iPad
How to Draw a Man, #1
Kathryn draws a portrait of a man on her ipad. Music: “Alphorn Jodel” Maya Stieger & Da¨nu Wisler
How to Draw a Chicken
Film of Kathryn drawing a chicken for a plate design. Music: “Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu” Harry Belafonte
Bunny Gets a Treat
Film of Kathryn creating line drawing of dog on her iPad. Music: “Douce Joie” Gus Viseur
How to draw a crawfish
A film of Kathryn Rathke drawing on her ipad. Music: “Indifference” Antonio Murena
Manner Snack 2
Animated commercial of Kathryn’s artwork (she was not the animator here)
Manner Snack 1
Animated commercial of Kathryn’s artwork (she was not the animator here)
Playing with Lines
An emphatic commercial for KR's work
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