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Skectbook 2021
A quick walkthrough of one of my 2021 sketchbooks
Mural at Instituto Cervantes of Casablanca
Mural Painting for the theatre of Instituto Cervantes of Casablanca (Morocco)
An Interview with Maguma
Illustrator of the sumptuous new publication by Tara Books 'God of Money' was in India, giving talks and lectures at festivals and institutions. He kindly agreed to spend an evening with DeCAF, chatting about 'God of Money', his other works, his process and shared some works in progress too. Hosted by and shot at the Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi.
Tropical woodcut
Promotional video of a woodcut workshop.
Cada pulpo con su pulpa
In each fold, pairs of animals emerge linked in a reading spiral, forming a dizzy exquisite corpse. Self-published. Limited edition. Offset printing. Die-cut and Folded by hand.
Pandora Dream Promo
Promotional Video of the illustrated album "Pandora dream"
Pandora Dream Process
Process of creating an artwork of the illustrated album "Pandora Dream"
13 Rue
Video for the exhibition “future of social housing in 7 cities”
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