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Ollie Maxwell

Ollie Maxwell - International watercolour illustrator. London

London-based artist Ollie Maxwell's illustrations have become a favourite with leading art directors and iconic brands around the world. Specialising in illustrations for packaging, he uses a combination of traditional media to create distinctive imagery that stands out from the rest in the retail environment and online.
Ollie wasn’t professionally trained but grew up in a creative household where he was encouraged to paint as often as possible. He’s developed his own unique style and an impressive portfolio that has fuelled his career for over a decade. When not painting Ollie loves cooking for his family and friends, and his kitchen is as important to him as his studio.


When illustrating for well-known products, Ollie stays true to the object’s original form while bringing a new sense of movement and life to the illustration. He researches the item in full to gain an understanding of its history, how it works and who it is designed for, before beginning his process of sketching and then painting, using a mixture of watercolour, gouache and ink.


While Ollie captures the true essence of what he paints, his own elegant style shines through in all of his illustrations. His detailed approach allows the subject matter to do the talking while his soft painting technique and use of colour convey quality, immediately engaging the viewer.

Client list

Ollie’s clients include Häagen-Dazs, Nespresso, Sainsbury’s, Dualit, Sephora, SmartWater, Lavazza, Condé Nast, Lufthansa, InStyle, Elle, Next and many more.
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