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Patrick Boyer

Patrick Boyer - International montage illustrator. Vancouver

Based in Vancouver, Patrick Boyer enjoys a reputation as a leading montage illustrator who creates imagery for media, entertainment and advertising clients around the world. His work demonstrates a contemporary style with well-crafted composition and carefully honed colour schemes. He often generates an immediate connection with viewers via strong eye contact.
With a background in media and communication, Patrick has developed a solid understanding of his market having worked in fashion and the arts, as a photographer, magazine editor, cartoonist, writer and DJ. He’s inspired by the nearby Rocky Mountains and the outdoors, and by Vancouver’s urban scene. As well as his illustration work, he runs a studio specialising in branding and graphic design.


When Patrick gets a brief, he spends a lot of time researching and seeking inspiration. He looks for references, develops a mood board, and tries to conjure up a feel and/or a narrative that fits the project before collecting and building up his image.


Patrick works in two styles. The first draws together photographic elements to create wildly colourful and often quite detailed collage imagery. He uses the various parts of the image to convey a narrative. His second style employs vector graphics, which is as colourful and direct as his photographic-based work.

Client list

Patrick has been commissioned by clients including Coca-Cola, Pernod Ricard, EMI, Ad Week, Bauer Media, Tyra Banks, Lufthansa, The BBC, DaimlerChrysler, ESPN and more.
Everything went down well and the printed copy turned out great. I think this cover story package will be one of my favorites packages for a long time.
Christian O’Brien - Senior Art Editor, Haymarket Media Ltd - Finance Asia
Patrick was awesome to work with.
Kim Wong, Travel Goods Association USA
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