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Pintachan's Photo - International graphic & character illustrator. Spain

Big eyes, lots of smiles, bright colours and plenty of fun – Spanish artist Pintachan creates lively and whimsical imagery that’s charming because it’s so simple. When a project needs instant, down-to-earth appeal with two scoops of happiness, he’s the perfect illustrator to consider.
Based in Gijón in the North of Spain, he has over a decade of experience as an illustrator, meeting the needs of some of the biggest brands in Spain and around the world. His career began thanks to his hands-on approach. Back in the early 2000s, he was launching a t-shirt company. They had everything they needed but the money to pay an illustrator, so he decided to do it himself. Pintachan’s influences include comics, illustrated books, old album covers, 60s magazines and a whole range of retro music, and he’s been making things since childhood.


Pencils, crayons, iMac, Cintiq – Pintachan uses a whole range of tools as he draws his characters and develops his palettes. He digitises his sketches, turns them into vector illustrations, then adds texturing in Photoshop.


Pintachan’s style is retro, naïve, childish, pop and whimsical, but there’s plenty of subtlety to it as well. His cartoonish visual language is used to express all sorts of ideas that aren’t confined to the world of children.

Client list

Pintachan’s clients include The Telegraph, Lidl, McDonald’s, Monocle, Galison, The Red Cross, Scholastic, Jamie Magazine, Anorak, Sky 1 and more.
Want to discuss a commission?
Baby Rockers
Pintachan works with the Hachette Book Group to create art for the Baby Rocker board-book series.
Festival Moods
Pintachan designs two posters for the Scènes de Rue festival depicting different moods.
Spice up your Writing!
Pintachan works for Scholastic News on some teaching aid posters.
Wake Up, Santa!
Abrams Kids invite Pintachan to illustrate 'Wake up, Santa!'; a picture book for toddlers.
My Summer in Mulhouse
Pintachan's poster illustration for the French city portrays a summer of fun.
Scènes de Rue Festival
Pintachan makes an attractive poster illustration for the cultural festival Scènes de Rue.
Activity Masks!
Fleurus Editions commission Pintachan for some mask activity illustrations.
Anzou's Memory Game
Pintachan creates animal characters for a French children's memory game.
What's in a Name?
Pintachan illustrates for Live Happy Magazine.
Pintachan's SCRAPBOOK
Take five minutes out and have a read of Pintachan's Scrapbook interview.
Fabulous Bags!
Pintachan designs supermarket bags for Switzerland's Coop Cooperative.
Le Bon Coin
Pintachan creates a family card game for the French second hand store Le Bon Coin.
Under Control
Pintachan works for Die Weltwoche Magazine producing an eye-catching image.
Cheaper Energy
With almost eight artworks completed, Pintachan's Smart Energy illustrations for The Telegraph continue.
How can you save Energy?
Pintachan's work for The Telegraph continues with these editorial illustrations on energy saving.
Smart Energy
Pintachan illustrates an advertisement about the introduction of smart meters in every home within the UK.
Make a Face
Pintachan works with Crocodile Creek to make a children's block game.
Don't Panic
Pintachan gets playful with a board game cover illustration for The Telegraph.
Smart Energy
Pintachan works for The Telegraph and creates an energy efficient home in a snowy setting.
Welcome 2016!
Pintachan looks ahead to the New Year with this fantastic calendar.
Illustrator Profile - Pintachan
We adore Pintachan's retro pop style.
Never Grow Up
Pintachan creates a superb album cover for German band Brideshead.