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Timo Müller

Timo Müller - illustrator

Elegant, conceptual, well-structured yet easy going, Timo Müller has developed a unique visual style that brings together the rough feel of sketches and blueprints, alongside artistic flourishes that give his images a life of their own. Based in Hamburg, Timo has worked for some of Germany’s biggest global brands developing a reputation for delivering imaginative work on time, with a great balance between detail and negative space.
Gaining a strong creative background in high school – drawing, photography and printing – Timo went on to study industrial design in Darmstadt before working as a CAD artist for a major branding agency. Spotting the opportunity to add a creative touch to technical drawings, he honed his individual conceptual style. He loves urban art and aims to bring more lettering into his work.


For Timo, a great image lies somewhere between the loose, rough, sketched elements and the fine detail that conveys the core message to the viewer. He works with a variety of media, from CAD software to watercolours, applying the finishing touches on his Wacom tablet.


Timo effortlessly brings together manmade and organic forms by using digital and natural media. What he leaves out of an image is just as important as what’s there, often suggesting that something good is about to happen, which gives both his portraits and concept illustrations a sense of optimism.


Fluent in English, Germany

Client list

Some of Timo’s clients include BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Mini, Volkswagen, Telekom, Samsung, Bosch Siemens, Microsoft, Sennheiser, Nivea, Tesa, Manager Magazine and Walter Knoll.
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