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Yordanka Poleganova

Yordanka Poleganova - International fashion illustrator. Germany

Clean, bold, stylish and modern, Yordanka Poleganova’s artwork draws its influences from the fashion scene in Europe and Asia, and as a result her imagery often has a broad international appeal. Deceptively simple colour palettes, combined with intriguing patterns, infuse her illustrations with charm and give them depth.
Originally from Bulgaria, Yordanka is now based in Berlin. Her influences include fashion designers like Prada, Conseulo Castiglioni and Josep Font, and she also loves Patricia Urquiola’s glass furniture designs. Her strong understanding of fashion illustration is bolstered by her experience working for a French clothing company in Bangkok, where she created material patterns. After completing a degree in Product Design at the Technical University in Sofia, Yordanka studied Fashion Design in Berlin.


After researching the brief, Yordanka begins sketching and then starts creating in Adobe Illustrator. Here her images come to life, sparking further imagination and curiosity as she works. “I either start with a set of colours, or experiment with the colouring process at the end – it’s a highlight for me,” she says.


Simple shapes, clean lines and primary colours give Yordanka’s imagery a great deal of impact. By reducing complex objects to their ideal forms, her style is bold and easily accessible, while her pattern work draws viewers in even further.

Client list

Yordanka’s international client list includes Harrods, Ted Baker, Harper’s Bazaar, Die Stern, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe, Bread and Butter, Kiko, Roeckl and more.
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