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John Holder

John Holder - International classic character illustrator. Cambridge.

British illustrator John Holder works in the classic tradition of humorous illustration dating back to Victorian times. Giving contemporary topics a vintage twist is John’s specialty and that’s why leading newspapers, magazines, ad agencies and big brands turn to this vastly experienced artist.
John loves old stuff in general – guitars, watches, bikes and more – and lives in a 17th century home which also houses his studio. A sense of heritage informs his style, and in 2012 he put together a book called GOD – Good Old Drawing, featuring the work of 100 like-minded creatives.


The authenticity of John’s work extends right down to the tip of his 19th century drawing nibs, and he colours his work his using watercolours.


Funny characters in a classic style are John’s domain, with soft colour palettes and strong compositions, often with plenty of detail and a touch of cheekiness.

Client list

John works for an array of clients including The Sunday Times, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Ladybird, Oxford University Press, Saatchi & Saatchi, The BBC, Macmillan, The National Trust, The Guardian and The New York Times.
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