Commissioned by Gold Coast City Council, Sarah Beetson designs and paints a Bravehearts mural in the local park.

Bravehearts is an Australian organisation whose mission is to educate, empower and protect kids. Sarah was invited to be part of their campaign to create a vivid piece of public art that communicates their message and raise awareness. She explains, "The brief comprised of two main themes. The first was inspired by the quote from Bravehearts, "protecting kids is EVERYONE’S business – we all have a part to play in keeping Gold Coast children safe!" and incorporate their three Piers to Prevention: Educate, Empower and Protect kids. These words were woven into the mural design, and my concept was based around the idea that people from all walks of life can help protect, empower and educate kids. I illustrated this by including kids feet/shoes taking part in activities alongside adults of various professions, ages and backgrounds - for example, the nurse in scrubs and the little kid with a band aid, the soldier and kid in army boots, the elderly lady sitting with a child. The second theme from Bravehearts was to include their purple heart logo somewhere in the design. I wanted the mural to be really happy and bright in colour palette, and we used over 80 colours from the Resene Lumbersider range to create it, with the background being their glorious 'bright spark' yellow." The mural has gone down very well with the local community and Sarah has also been interviewed by Channel 7, 9 News and ABC Radio!

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