L.A. Times Virtual Prom

Juliette Toma creates the ultimate cheesy backgrounds for L.A Time's online prom

Going to your High School Prom is one of life's seminal moments for all American teenagers, sadly due to Covid-19 it looks like many proms are cancelled across the country!  

The L.A Times have come up with a unique way for students to still celebrate this rites of passage, they invited teenagers across Southern California to be their guest at an online prom by asking them send in photos of themselves in their prom clothes, either alone, with their date or a group of friends. These images are now part of the VIRTUAL PROM , photo shopped on to cheesy portrait backgrounds, with a playlist by DJ Young 1 and advice from celebrities, it's almost a good as the real thing!

juliette toma
prom 2020
l.a times

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