Nature illustration for 3x3 Magazine merit award

If I Were/3x3 Merit Award

Gina Rosas collaborates with Spanish author Pilar Lopez to create a touching illustrated prose poem about the world around us and wins a 3x3 Magazine merit award

If I were a tree, my branches would dance to the sound of the wind...

This is the beginning of If I Were, a prose poem about nature.

Written with short sentences whose endings link to the beginnings of the next ones, it represents the desire of embodying nature, of becoming everything it represents.

If I were the wind, my breeze would carry seeds to the deserts.

If I were a desert, I’d play with the dunes to build sand castles. 

The illustrations, made with pen and ink, wonderfully reflect the idea of this book. The contrast between white and blue, the simplicity and freedom in the stroke, translate the phrases from the text to the paper in a subtle and contemplative manner.

Gina entered the stunning illustrations to the 3x3 annual awards and was delighted to win a Merit, the images will be published in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.17.

To see more of Gina's stunning illustrations visit here portfolio HERE




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