Limited-edition Lynx/Axe gift set design by Ben Tallon

Epic Fresh

Lynx's new scent Epic Fresh is launched with the expressive art of Ben Tallon.

'Epic Fresh' is a new variant of Lynx retro and now part of the limited-edition Lynx/Axe gift set designs that Ben has worked on with London-based creative agency PB.

Ben got the commission after the co-founder and creative partner of PB stumbled across the London launch exhibition of 'Lend Me Your Ear' - a collaboration with music photographer Andy Cotterill. Ben explains, "He saw synchronicity between the energetic, loose approach with which I'd painted hand lettering and simple marks over Andy's already accomplished images of the many musicians he'd photographed over the years, and what he felt the Lynx/Axe brand needed to be. We developed a direction through trials, that brought my brush strokes and paint/ink/spray paint textures to the fore and allowed them to breathe. Ben emphasised the term 'single-minded' and encouraged sympathy toward the immediacy of packaging. Once the momentum began and the PB design team and I found flow, we all felt that the work had a tangible life to it and brought the brand right up to speed. The retro editions distilled this single-mindedness down to its very essence and were a joy to create."

ben tallon
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