Book cover illustration of "Your Magical Garden"

Your Magical Garden

The garden as a source of magical power is explored in a book published by CICO and illustrated by Victoria Fomina.

The book teaches the reader how to harness the power of the elements to create an enchanted outdoor space.

"It was exciting for me to draw over a hundred illustrations dedicated to the magic of a garden: flowers and trees, shady and sunny corners and even mystical ancient goddesses", says Victoria, whose artworks contain the charm and mystical qualities suitable for this genre of book. Written by Clare Gogerty, the book includes modern witchcraft too, as described by the publisher - 

Discover how to awaken the magic of the elements in your outdoor space through thoughtful planting, careful planning of features, and simple spells and rituals. Modern witchcraft is a nature-based discipline, harnessing the power of plants, the spirit of the land, the benefits of each season, and the cycle of nature. Inspired by the Five Elements—Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth—and based on author Clare Gogerty's own experience, Your Magical Garden will encourage you to look at your outdoor space with a witch’s eye. Each chapter is based on one of the Five Elements and offers details about the element and its potency, how to work with it in your garden, what plants are associated with it, and corresponding remedies, rituals, and spells. You will learn how to create spiritual features, such as a moon gate, leaf mandala, scrying pool, and fire pit, as well as ways to care for nature, such as rewilding to create a haven for plants and wildlife. Discover the wonder of re-enchanting your garden, however small, and creating a place of contemplation, meditation, and connection with the earth.

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