This year's World Illustration Awards longlist is wonderful news

Our WIA Longlisters!

We have good news to share as the longlisters are announced for this year's World Illustration Awards.

With 5000 projects submitted and 500 longlisted over 10 categories, Becca ThornePaperfaceSeason of Victory and Carles Garcia O'Dowd are all through to the next round of WAI 2023; presented by the AOI in partnership with the DOI.

Becca's experimentation pieces were selected in the Science & Technology category with a trio of original linocut prints, celebrating the plants and animals of small, semi-natural habitats. Paperface's fun packaging designs for Crown paint stood out in the Design Product & Packaging section, Season of Victory's epic project for the Kiehl's Loves campaign is a longlister in the Advertising category, and finally Carles' editorial piece for the Washington Post on the political spam artists whose relentless pleas for money clog your inbox, features in the Editorial section.

These four longlisters show a wonderful mix of styles and genres and we're excited to see how they do in the next round of voting.

Well done to all the artists and everyone who entered WIA 2023!

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