Mehndi Window

Hannah Davies collaborates on a window design based on henna patterns.

Working with artists Rena, Twhaida, Zubs, and Jorna for The Street Matters Project, Hannah created an eye-catching window design inspired by traditional Mehndi or henna patterns.

The collective effort involved gathering images of beautifully painted hands from local families and friends, capturing the festive and wedding celebrations they adorned. In a workshop, they crafted intricate designs, drawing from the rich heritage of Mehndi art.

Mehndi, derived from crushed plant leaves, serves as a temporary tattoo, making it an organic medium. Historically, the leaves were crushed both manually and using mills. When applying the paste, people often use lemon juice or oil to enhance the fixation and deepen the design's colour.

Beyond the captivating visuals, the window display also incorporates a thought-provoking series of messages aimed at empowering local climate activism.


hannah davies
public art
window display

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