Inspirational quotes with paper art

War Cry

Appearing in three consecutive War Cry magazines, Gail Armstrong illustrates inspirational quotes with her paper art.

The back pages of March, May and June's issue of the Salvation Army’s 'War Cry' magazine in the US were adorned with Gail's individual typographic illustrations. For each quote supplied, Gail used her tools of scapel, glue and a variety of papers to create custom art to convey the message.
She explains, "For June (my personal favourite) - the upper half of the speech bubble brims with life and growth, with the word “living” given weight and substance to support the cheerful flowers and foliage. This is in contrast to the lower half where the type is simple and recessive and in more muted colours. May was a celebratory issue, instruments traditionally played by the Salvation Army Band form a border around the text, with the undulating ribbons of the tambourine and the musical score, giving a sense of dance and movement. And for the March issue, the sunrise on the horizon indicates a golden future, whereas the type of the present in the foreground is literally disturbed and disrupted. The decorative flowers and the colours used, all link with colours and details used in the front cover illustration of this issue."
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