Katharine Asher brand work for Melvita

Katharine Asher's timeless watercolour style helps to create a look for the natural and ethically sourced beauty brand.

Kathy was asked to help produce a 'look' that represented the world and philosophy of Melvita. A world of natural and ethically sourced beauty products – where the customer is encouraged to 'discover a pure expression of nature – by starting an organic life through Melvita beauty products.' They have created a unique brand world for Melvita – a place of abundant natural beauty, a world full of wonder.

They chose Kathy's timeless watercolour technique to create a rich and engaging world which takes the public on on a journey of discovery. It’s a world of adventure, a world used to help consumers discover the wisdom and wonder of nature by bringing to life the natural properties of their products, and philosophy of a world where everything has its place and works in harmony.

natural beauty
ethical beauty
katharine asher fashion and beauty

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