German Unity Day

Gina Rosas Moncada is commissioned by the State of Hamburg to create key visuals for the 33rd anniversary of German Unity.

Last October, Gina's work took cent​re stage as part of German Unity Day, spanning main illustrations and digital visuals for the event's social platforms.

Hamburg's transformative event was themed "Opening Horizons"/"Horizonte öffnen", embracing diversity and sustainability. Guided by the client, Gina crafted six main illustrations encapsulating themes of sustainability, digitalization, diversity, and progress, along with 13 secondary illustrations depicting event activities and organisations.

Gina's artwork adorned streets across Germany and specifically Hamburg, gracing bus stops, billboards, and subway screens. Her illustrations also found a digital home on government websites and the event's Instagram.

The event also received coverage from Colombian media outlets, marking a significant achievement for Gina, who takes great pride in her Colombian roots and creativity.

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gina rosas moncada

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