WWF's Cinematic Celebration

Nature is unveiled in a short film festival with poster art by Luiza Laffitte

In honour of its 50th anniversary, WWF France is set to dazzle audiences with a cinematic spectacle. On April 27th and 28th, the organisation will unveil the inaugural edition of its "Nature Tout court" festival at Cinema 7 Batignolles. Teaming up with Sauve Qui Peut le Court Métrage, the driving force behind the renowned Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, WWF France will present a lineup of original short films spotlighting the wonders of the natural world.

Since its inception in 1973, WWF France has been a steadfast advocate for the protection of biodiversity, issuing impassioned calls to action through scientific reports, advocacy campaigns, and engagement with public officials. To expand its reach and galvanize support for conservation efforts, WWF France is turning to the power of cinema, with a special emphasis on the art of short filmmaking. This dynamic format offers a concise yet potent platform for conveying urgent messages—a perfect fit for WWF's mission to inspire action and awareness.

Luiza loved working on poster art for this event, producing an evocative and charming illustration which serves as a powerful call to action.

luiza laffitte

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