The 2023 Annual Report cover for The Nature Conservancy 2023

One Planet, One Future

The cover illustration for The Nature Conservancy’s 2023 global Annual Report is artworked by Mayuko Fujino.

Mayuko's vision for this piece was to capture the theme of seeking solutions that balance the needs of people and nature, ideas which are presented in the stories within the publication.
Her work carries a simple yet profound beauty, mirroring her deep fascination with nature and its significance.

The client commented -
Mayuko created a stunning custom illustration for the cover of The Nature Conservancy’s 2023 global Annual Report, one of our flagship publications. She brought our report’s themes to life elegantly with an illustration that highlighted animals, landscapes and people in striking relationship with one another—using negative space, bold colors and a dynamic layout. She was collaborative, thoughtful and considerate to work with, providing a variety of visual concepts and working closely with us to refine the final product.  Our team was blown away by this illustration! – Wilson Peden, Associate Director of Editorial & Content, The Nature Conservancy
Read it here.
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