Black Women’s Wellness

Montana Forbes illustrates an essential guide to lifelong health and greater well-being from one of today’s highly regarded women’s health experts.

Striking, graphic, and beautiful, Montana's art for this book shines from the pages and is a celebration of Black women and their health. 

"It was fantastic to create the beauty, lifestyle, and medical illustrations for this book by Dr. Melody T McCloud who’s based in Atlanta Georgia," says Montana. "She’s an obstetrician-gynecologist who blazed a trail when she became the 1st Black female to establish an OB-GYN practice in Dekalb County, GA, and only the 3rd to do so in the metro Atlanta, GA area."

It's long overdue for Black women to receive improved healthcare outcomes, as they have historically faced disparities compared to other women. This book serves as a groundbreaking resource for Black women of all ages, to reach high, empower themselves with knowledge, and not let the legacy of dismal statistics deter their successful journey to health and happiness.

Clients Rachael Murray and Haven Iverson of Sounds True Publishing say of Montana's work:-

“We are so pleased, the medical illustrations look wonderful, the floral illustrations are gorgeous! Thank you for your patience with the whole process. You've really helped bring the book to life.” 


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