The History of Seltzer

Appearing at the Brooklyn Seltzer Museum, Maxim Usik creates art narrating Seltzer's history.

The task was to craft an engaging visual narrative for a mural divided into four sections, delving into the rich history and distinctive qualities of Seltzer drink (Soda Water).

Commissioned by the Brooklyn Seltzer Museum, they sought to offer visitors a comprehensive understanding of the beverage's background during their upcoming opening event. Leveraging their existing mascot character, Maxim's concept entailed this whimsical figure embarking on a time-travelling journey, weaving through various historical periods and cultural milestones to illustrate the widespread influence of Soda Water.

From its origins to its integration into popular culture through movies, literature, and music, the mural serves as a vibrant homage to the enduring legacy of Seltzer water.

For a glimpse into this dynamic artwork, check out the mural highlights showcased here.

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comic strip
maxim usik

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