Sagmeister Live

Tallon Type's poster art sets the vibe across two interviews with Stefan Sagmeister.

Tallon Type created four posters for two episodes of 'The Creative Condition' podcast, one of which was performed live on the main stage of OFFF Festival Barcelona 2024 at Disseny Hub.

Being the podcast host and artist behind Tallon Type, Ben Tallon's conversations with the guest cover optimism and the importance of now, and long term thinking - exploring the notion of understanding our minds in order to find an optimistic baseline, from which we can work to resolve our collective problems.

The posters combine photography and hand lettering made with ink, paint, and a range of brushes, reflecting the energy and dynamism of the conversations, and exude a sense of authenticity and urban cool, drawing viewers in with their raw, handcrafted style.

Photo credits: Blue, red, and yellow poster photograph by James Braund, black and white poster photograph by Victor G. Jeffreys.

Listen to the podcasts here.


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hand lettering
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