By Your Side

Alyssa de Asis illustrates a heart-warming tale of imagination and love.

Alyssa brings to life a delightful adventure in "By Your Side," written by Kailei Pew and published by KiwiCo. This charming book captures the magic of imaginative play and the special bond between a parent and child.

Who’s your first mate if you’re a pirate? Your co-captain if you’re a pilot? 'By Your Side' invites young readers to embark on endless adventures with someone special at their side. It's the perfect bedtime story to inspire dreams of shared escapades.

KiwiCo, celebrated for its innovative and enriching children's activities, proudly presents its KiwiCo Press line of books, now available for purchase online. Previously exclusive to subscribers, these delightful stories are now accessible to all, nurturing a love of reading and imaginative play for children everywhere.

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