Talking at Night

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor employs her atmospheric style for a commission with Companhia das Letras.

Companhia das Letras, specifically their Paralela label, asked Carolina to illustrate the cover of the Portuguese edition of "Conversas na Madrugada." This book, originally titled "Talking at Night" by Claire Daverley, chronicles the poignant love story of Will and Rosie.

As teenagers, their contrasting personalities ignite a deep connection, but a sudden tragedy shatters their chances of being together. Over the years, despite missed opportunities and the passage of time, Rosie and Will repeatedly find their way back to each other.

Carolina's cover art sets the tone for a compelling tale of enduring love, unexpected connections, and the enduring hope of what could have been.

book cover
comic art
carolina rodriguez fuenmayor

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