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Echopic's Photo - Internationales Live Scribing Team. London

Echopic ist ein Illustrationsstudio, das eine eigene innovative Marke für visuelle Kommunikation entwickelt hat. Mit dem Titel Scribing zeichnen sich die litauischen Gründer des Studios - Kristina Naruseviciute und Lina Navickaite - live auf der Bühne zusammen. Das Paar produziert auch animierte Videos und Standbilder für Kunden auf der ganzen Welt.
Durch die Übermittlung von Konzepten und Daten durch kreative Grafiken in Echtzeit macht Scribing Ereignisse spannend, einzigartig und vor allem unvergesslich. Die Energie und Emotionen jeder Präsentation können erfasst und in die Bilder einfließen, und bei einem Echopic-Auftritt mangelt es nicht an Selfie-Momenten. Die in London ansässigen Gründer von Echopic lieben die kreative Atmosphäre von Orten wie Dalston und Shoreditch, die Cafékultur, Mode und das Tempo des Stadtlebens. Wenn es Zeit ist, sich zu entspannen, lieben sie es, wieder in die Natur zurückzukehren und ihre Gelassenheit und Schönheit in sich aufzunehmen.


Bei jedem Echopic-Projekt steht die Kommunikation an erster Stelle. Während die Künstler hochqualifiziert darin sind, ansprechende Kunstwerke zu schaffen, besteht ihre erste Priorität darin, es dem Publikum leicht zu machen, ihnen zu folgen und sie sowohl intellektuell als auch emotional einzubeziehen.


Klare Komposition und ein zurückhaltender Farbgebrauch sind der Schlüssel zur echopischen Ästhetik. Durch die Verwendung von 3D-Formen und das Variieren der Größe von Elementen in der Zeichnung führen sie den Betrachter durch das Bildmaterial und seine Gesamtbotschaft. Ihre Bilder sind lustig, naiv und inspirierend für jeden, der sie betrachtet.

Klienten Liste

Echopic hat Bilder für LinkedIn, EY, Barclays, Tech City, das Projektmanagement-Institut, Kidzania, TEDx, BBC und viele mehr erstellt.
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Whiteboard style business explainer video created for BIM Cloud platform
explainer gif of September is ovarian cancer awareness month
haitch animation by Echopic
animation video of Professional Business style
Animation of the Evidence project
We’re always looking for innovative, interactive new ways to engage our visitors at Apps World and we thought Echopic was a perfect fit! The artwork was great and it was brilliant to have live artists at the show for the visitors to engage with. The artwork met our expectations and was a great addition to the event it was a great way to pull out key themes from the agendas
Kate Williams,, Apps World
I had an opportunity to work with Echopic both for Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013, when I was leading the project, and TEDxVilnius 2014. Both projects were extremely different and both times Echopic delivered an amazing, project-tailored results. It was extremely easy to work with them and if you'd like to bring new level of creativity and enthusiasm to your project, I would highly recommend working with Echopic team!
Ruta Kruliauskaite, TEDxVilnius
When done well, the impact of an image can be powerful. We were thrilled to see our leadership panel discussion captured so beautifully and smartly by Echopic. Watching the story unfold on paper brought a fun and interesting dynamic to our event.
Sandy Khan: Founder, MBA Arena
Well done to the Echopic creative team, who helped the voice of Base Birmingham to be heard and recorded visually on a huge and wildly creative mind map. Echopic and their artwork helped to differentiate our event and provided one of the most unique and memorable ways share the best and most interesting moments of our conference!
Andrew Dowding: Managing Director, Base Cites
The team at Echopic really captured the imagination of delegates at Base London 2013. Before their eyes they illustrated all the things they said they would do to build a better London. As design engineers we were delighted to be associated with the graphic – gives us food for thought!
Graham Munday: Marketing Manager,, Parsons Brinckerhoff
We were really pleased and impressed. You picked up the right vibe and content during the event and everything went super smooth. Truly professional and we are looking forward to placing another order with yourselves for the next workshop once it comes around.
Christopher Gruen: Managing Director, NovAzure Limited
Kristina and the team created a seamless experience to help us celebrate Seedcamp’s 10 year anniversary, from the initial brand concepts and designs to the fantastic end result produced live at our party. The interactivity was a real draw and guests loved adding their own memorable Seedcamp moments to the timeline, which now hangs proudly in our office.
Natasha Lytton: Head of Brand, Seedcamp
Let me join Liz-Ann in thanking you for the great job you have done. The impact on our client has been positive so far.
Jean-Marie Ardisson: Vice President Corporate Partnerships, The Financial Times Corporate Learning Alliance
The Echopic Team did outstanding work at the API Days Berlin. With their creative artwork they made our a event a day to remember for all attendees!
Robin Roemer: Co-Organizer, API Days Berlin
Echopic did a fantastic job of capturing a very complex and typically dry policy discussion on innovation in social services at the World Social Security Forum in Panama (Nov '16) and brought it to life through their visual stories and illustrations. Beyond the physically gruelling aspect of being on your feet (and sometimes on ladders!) for hours, there is a certain art and sensibility needed to capture the gist or the most noteworthy points on a topic quite alien to them, and then pulling it together as a captivating visual for people to reflect on. I also noted that the audience enjoyed having animated discussions at the end of the day, reacting to these animations and there was also a chatter on the social media handles, which akin to 'joining a conversation' is exactly the sort of reaction one is looking for. It gives a topic or forum longevity beyond just the event. Well done and looking forward to working with you guys in the future!
Gaurav Gujral: Global Management Consulting and Digital Lead, Accenture
We had an urgent need to develop a product to support our bid in a very short timeframe and Echopic were extremely responsive and worked over the weekend with us to deliver a brilliantly creative product which our client loved and now hangs in pride of place on their wall in Jordan. A big thank you to all for a superb job.
Christopher Matthews, Ernst & Young LLP
Echopic team visually captured the highlights of our event live. Their team added lively, creative energy while artwork itself became an engaging sharable content for our attendees.
Ella Goldner: Co-founder, Open Co